At Unicorn HRO, our solutions help administrative departments optimize their HR processes while streamlining the day-to-day operational tasks.


Many administrative departments in schools and educational institutions are lacking the necessary staff and technological improvements needed to operate in the 21st century. Unicorn HRO’s cloud-based solution includes key components that stay up-to-date with your institution's changing needs; ultimately giving employees the freedom to focus on other critical projects.  Our fully-integrated Human Resources, Benefits Administration and Payroll Services will enable you to work more efficiently.

With Unicorn HRO, schools and educational institutions have access to:

  • Easy calculation and payment of stipends.
  • Taxation based on 10 months rather than a 12 month standard calendar year.
  • Tracking capabilitles for percentages for pension contributions.
  • Automated entitlement accruals, including sick, vacation, and personal time.
  • An easy onboarding process for both full-time and part-time employees.
  • Seamless integration to the general ledger.
  • An employee self-service portal which gives administrators and faculty 24/7 access to their personal information.
  • A system with the ability to track performance reviews, disciplinary actions, turnover reasons, licenses/certifications, training, permits, EEO, workers’ compensation information, I-9 information, skills, languages, education history, and FMLA.
  • Key metrics via dynamic dashboards and analytics.

"Unicorn recognizes that each client is unique, and we adapt our proposition and configure the system to meet each client’s particular needs, not the other way around."

Tim Diassi Unicorn EVP and General Manager