By partnering with Unicorn HRO, healthcare organizations can streamline their efficiencies, while reducing administrative tasks and costs.


Unicorn HRO brings HR services to the healthcare industry by helping healthcare organizations to automate their payroll services, HR, benefits administration, and insurance processes through an integrated, web-based solution.

With Unicorn HRO's solution, you are able to:

  • Track complex nurse’s shifts and rates of pay.
  • Automate, consolidate, and streamline the payroll, HR, and benefit administration processes.
  • Access data 24/7.
  • Track performance and position control capabilities.
  • Comply with Federal and State regulations.
  • Empower employees via our 24/7 employee self service portal.
  • Track time and attendance with automatic payroll integration.
  • Consolidate reporting across multiple hospitals and organizations.
  • Integrate payroll data with your accounting package, via a general ledger interface.
  • Track performance reviews, disciplinary actions, turnover reasons, licenses/certifications, training, EEO, workers’ compensation information, I-9 information, skills, languages, education history, and FMLA.

"Unicorn recognizes that each client is unique, and we adapt our proposition and configure the system to meet each client’s particular needs, not the other way around."

Tim Diassi Unicorn EVP and General Manager