Unicorn HRO's flexible payroll services improve payroll management by streamlining the process, ultimately improving productivity and simplifying administration.


Our SaaS Based Application offers a flexible and functional one-click, automated payroll process. Designed by professionals with over 30 years of experience in Payroll Services, our application delivers access to all of your payroll data, resulting in efficient and accurate processing. With iCON you can view your payroll calendar and pay dates, select a pay group for payroll processing, check payroll setup, review status and results, and access reports. 

Additional advantages of our application include:

  • Ability to calculate complex payroll wages (ie: shift premiums, overtime, garnishments).
  • Integration with time and labor data.
  • Ability to generate direct deposit files and paychecks.
  • The issuance of off-cycle checks and ability to void payments instantly.
  • The delivery of U.S. federal, state, and local tax updates.
  • Access to our tax management system which will help you to handle tax compliance and computations, including muti-state taxing rules and reciprocity.  



Kashable offers affordable credit to employees as a highly valued employer-sponsored benefit. Employees apply online and take low-cost term loans instantly, then repay them automatically through equal installment payroll deductions.

Kashable’s Financial Wellness Program

  • Offers an easy to use voluntary employee benefit that incorporates access affordable credit with financial literacy to support employee financial well-being at no cost or risk.
  • Alleviates the need for employees to tap their 401K; providing immediate access responsible credit to meet personal emergencies.
  • Reduces workplace stress by accommodating employees with personal needs.
  • Offers competitive interest rates that beat credit cards and other unsecured alternatives.
  • Provides manageable, equal payroll deductions spread over several months; integrates seamlessly with Unicorn HRO’s Payroll Solution to manage payroll deductions with no additional action needed on the part of the employee.
  • Improves credit profile over

Kashable is transforming the way working America accesses credit. For more information, visit

"Unicorn recognizes that each client is unique, and we adapt our proposition and configure the system to meet each client’s particular needs, not the other way around."

Tim Diassi Unicorn EVP and General Manager