Employers in the railroad industry are burdened by many federally mandated requirements, which often require manual processes; with the help of Unicorn HRO these processes can be fully automated and streamlined.


Unicorn HRO offers an integrated, web-based solution that helps employers manage their employees throughout their entire lifecycle, from hire to retire.

With Unicorn HRO, those in the railroad industry have access to:

  • Experts that are able to process RRB & FICA.
  • Management of complex shifts and rates of pay.
  • A partner to manage and process railroad tier I & II Taxes.
  • Improved payroll efficiency and reduced errors.
  • Regulatory compliance and tax filing.
  • Employee record management and reporting.
  • Employee self-service and permissions management.
  • Time and attendance capabilities.
  • PTO request and approval functionality.
  • Automatic payroll integration.
  • Powerful real-time reporting tools.
  • Easy configuration of multiple pay rates, shift differentials, overtime, allowances, stipends, and deductions.

"Unicorn recognizes that each client is unique, and we adapt our proposition and configure the system to meet each client’s particular needs, not the other way around."

Tim Diassi Unicorn EVP and General Manager