Time and Labor

Our Workforce Management solution is an integrated time and labor management tool. Beyond collecting attendance data, WFM can be configured to meet virtually any business scenario.


Successful time and labor management requires a comprehensive, ongoing effort to collect and analyze information in order to make decisions accordingly. From attendance and productivy data, to staff schedules, benefit accruals, and time tracking, the challenge is tedious and time-consuming; often increasing proportionately with the size of your staff. This is where our solution comes to the rescue!

Workforce Management strikes the ideal balance between higher-level automation and ease-of-use. Data synchronization ensures all payroll and human resource-related applications run in parallel, ultimately allowing managers to quickly identify exception-based occurrences, analyze the data collected, and forecast overtime. Our setup allows for flexible configuration, helping to ensure a quick rollout and greater system acceptance among users.

Workforce Management provides the following benefits:

  • Attendance behavior tracking
  • Automatic population of company holidays and other pre-approved time off
  • Automatic time off notifications
  • Data capture with alternative timesheet formats
  • Pay rules for virtually any work environment
  • The testing of benefit accrual rules before execution

"Unicorn recognizes that each client is unique, and we adapt our proposition and configure the system to meet each client’s particular needs, not the other way around."

Tim Diassi Unicorn EVP and General Manager